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Reverend Cheryl is 48 years old, has been married for 20 years, and has three children ages twelve to eighteen. When Cheryl not working, she likes to read, listen to music, sing, take photos, do genealogy research, and keep in touch with friends and family.

Cheryl has a B.A. from Ball State University where she majored in General Studies and minored in Social Work and German. She is also a Certified Pharmacy Technician, having worked in the pharmacy industry for thirteen years before retiring to stay home with her children. She is a member of the White Buffalo Society, a non-profit Native American teaching organization, and was recently the organization's Recording Secretary. She is also works part-time as a freelance photographer. (If you would like to see some of her nature and portrait photography, please visit New Destination Photography!)

Cheryl loves officaiting weddings and other ceremonies! There is nothing that can compare to the joy in a couple's faces as they are joined together in front of friends and family, and she feels honored when asked to be a part of a couple's special day. She enjoys helping a couple make their ceremony special by assisting with writing vows, adding elements such as the Unity Candle, Sand, or Rose Ceremony, and personalizing the entire process to reflect their love and commitment to each other.

Cheryl believes that every couple has the right to express their love in whatever type ceremony they desire. She does not discrimiate in regard to race, sex, creed, religious belief, or sexual orientation.

 Love is love.

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